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Practice Areas



LCT Lawyers is a full-service law firm providing clients with accurate, effective legal counsel and offers a full range of related professional services related to the various facets of international and domestic taxation relevant to individuals and businesses in Vietnam.

The depth of LCT's analytical ability, insight and unrivalled deal-structuring experience sees clients guided smoothly through all aspects of transactional and domestic tax matters. We prioritise finding quick and effective solutions to time-consuming negotiations with tax authorities and tax litigation underlining our results orientated approach. We are committed to sourcing practical ways to minimize the tax liabilities inherent in issues from mergers and acquisitions and compliance burdens to investment fund transactions and complex tax planning.

The Practice Group focuses on:

  International and Domestic Tax Planning

  Assessment and Filing of Taxes

  Review of Tax Incentives and Applicable Deductions

  Taxation-Related Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Services Available

International and Domestic Tax Planning

LCT Lawyers works with clients to structure enterprises, review investments and transactions, and utilize tax preferences and exemptions to minimize domestic and international tax liability. Legal staff primarily review:

  Applicable International and Vietnamese Taxation Requirements

  Revenue Sources and Available Deductions

  Applicability of Tax Incentives or Exemptions

  Tax Payment Structures and Scheduling

  Availability of Monthly or Yearly Refunds

Assessment and Filing of Taxes

  Assistance with Administrative Registration and Issue of Tax Codes

  Assessment of Applicable Taxes

  Filing of Monthly and Yearly Tax Declarations

  Payment Structuring for Corporate, Value Added, and Withholding Taxes

Review of Eligible Tax Incentives and Deductions

  Applicability of Double Taxation Agreements

 Availability of Corporate Tax Incentives, Deferrals, or Rate Reductions for Incentivised Sectors or Difficult Socioeconomic Locations

  Review of Preferential Rates for Export Duties

  Availability of Exemptions for VAT and Export Duties

  Assessment of Relevant Deductions and Foreign Tax Credits

  Longitudinal Filing Review to Deduct Losses Carried Forward

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

  Review of Current and Past Filings to Ensure Compliance

  Assistance with Domestic Tax Audits and Inspections

  Intervention in Administrative Corrective Actions

  Initiation of Taxation-Related Dispute Resolution or Litigation Procedures

  Risk Assessment and Inclusion of Taxation Exposure in Due Diligence Procedures

Taxation Team

LCT Lawyers Taxation Practice Group is led by Partner Chau Huy Quang, who holds an LL.M degree from the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. Partners who specialize in the related fields of corporate, real estate, banking, and commercial law address specific taxation issues. They are assisted by Senior Associates with previous experience at multinational law firms and major domestic corporations. Additionally, LCT Lawyers employs one of the nation’s leading experts on Vietnamese tax legislation.