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Practice Areas



LCT Lawyers keep a visible dispute resolution practice thanks largely to partner and co-founder Chau Huy Quang, who hails over 13 years of legal experience and has partaken in significant disputes across a capacious spectrum, including the core intellectual property, commercial and labour law” - AsiaLaw Profiles.

LCT Lawyers employ expert insight and strong connections with major law firms and banks in the region, to provide clients with the most effective counsel when dealing with complex issues of intellectual property protection in a time of unprecedented volatility. Our multi-disciplinary team efficiently cuts to the crux of issues spanning the broad IP and competition spectrum. LCT Lawyers' deep understanding of the key issues and objectives joint with our ability to deliver seamless cross-border solutions has ensured LCT Lawyers' recognition as one of the leading IP practices in Vietnam.

With an experienced advisory team of 20 professional and legal staff, LCT Lawyers provides clients with accurate, effective legal counsel and offers a full range of related professional services related to intellectual property protections and concerns.

The Intellectual Property Practice Group focuses on:

 Trademark, Patent, and Copyright Registration

 Administrative Enforcement of Intellectual Property Infringement

 Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation

Services Available

While LCT Lawyers can provide assistance with basic registration processes, international enterprises generally seek avenues of enforcement and compensation for demonstrated infringement of intellectual or industrial property. LCT Lawyers is particularly adept at handling complex, high-profile intellectual property infringement cases, involving criminal investigations and/or resulting in civil litigation.

Trademark, Patent, and Copyright Registration and Related Contracts

 Assistance with registration of patents and trademarks, including priority filings, with the National Office of Industrial Property, and with submissions for copyright registration with the National Copyright Office

 Drafting and Negotiating Licensing Agreements and Technology Transfer Contracts, and Contract Registration with the National Office of Intellectual Property

Administrative Enforcement of IPR Infringement

LCT Lawyers advocates on behalf of their clients to protect their domestic intellectual property rights, through seeking advance rulings and creating a cooperative strategy utilizing both confidential and public channels to address IP infringement, including:

 Consultations with Relevant Authorities on Possible Infringement, including Advance Rulings from the National Office of Industrial Property

 Transmission of Letters of Demand to Infringing Parties

 Filing of Complaints with Relevant Administrative or Law Enforcement Authorities, which may include:

  • Customs or Economic Police to Address Large-Scale IP Infringement, Including Counterfeiting, Piracy, and Theft

  • Inspectorate of Culture and Information of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, for Claims of Copyright Infringement

  • Inspectorate of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology, for Claims of Industrial Property Infringement

  • Market Management Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for Anti-Competitive Activities or Unfair Business Practices

Dispute Resolution and Civil Ligitation

 Alternative Methods of Resolution, including:

  • Launching Public Relations Campaigns to Cease Infringement and Educate Consumers, and

  • Amicable Agreements or Settlement Negotiations for the Termination of and Compensation for Intellectual Property Infringement and Contractual Breaches, including Technology Transfer and Licensing Agreements

 Initiation of Civil Litigation Procedures

 Coordination with Law Enforcement for Criminal Cases or Civil Action Taken on Behalf of Vietnamese Customs or Public Security


In the context of Intellectual Property, LCT Lawyers offers specialized assistance with IPR infringement that is concurrently covered under Competition Law, such as the misappropriation of trade names or packaging (Misleading Instructions) or disclosing protected information (Infringing Business Secrets).

In addition, LCT Lawyers can assist with:

 Compliance with Competition Law, including a Review of Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, or Market Strategies

 Initiation of VCAD or VCC Proceedings and Filing of Complaints

 Investigations or Enforcement Actions by the VCAD or VCC

 Commencement of Appeals to Enforce Decisions or Applications for Exemption

Intellectual Property and Competition Team

LCT Lawyers Intellectual Property Practice Group is managed by Partner Chau Huy Quang, who served at the Vietnam Copyright Office of the former Ministry of Information and Culture, and later as lead counsel for the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Vision & Associates. In addition to his work on Intellectual Property, Mr. Quang has several years of experience in corporate law and civil litigation, serving as in-house counsel to leading international corporations, where he litigated cases relating to commercial, labour, economic, intellectual property, and insurance law. The Group’s Associates maintain extensive experience in IP enforcement, as well as dispute resolution, arbitration, and litigation. The Practice Group can work in English and Vietnamese.